violet syrup and chestnut syrup

(i didn’t write these.  i swiped them from fb comments and wanted to pin.)

Fill a glass jar with violet flowers (the scented purple sweet violet)
Cover with boiling water and put the lid on immediately to contain the steam.
Leave for about 24 hrs. The violets will loose all their colour and the water will be a pale mauve. Do not remove the lid at any point!

After 24 hrs strain the violets from the liquid. For every cup of liquid add a cup of sugar or honey. Bring slowly to simmer point and stir gently until all dissolved. Then remove from heat and cool completely.

Measure syrup and for every cup of liquid add the juice of half a small lemon.

When you add the juice the magic happens and it turns this amazing fuchsia pink purple colour!!

Pour into sterilized bottles. Will store in the fridge for a year!


Peel chestnuts, both shell and inner skin, while raw, leaving a white nut after peeling. Boil in water for 10 minutes, throw away water. Add more water, sugar and a stick of vanilla. Simmer 3 minutes then let cool. Repeat 3 minute boil three days in a row, then pour off the syrup. It has a strong chestnut flavor and is good as a cordial or on pancakes.




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