im sick of hearing about all the sick children!

heal sick kids


this is for all my friends who have continuously sick children and insist on telling me about it even though they won’t heed my proven advice which comes from my maintaining three drug free and rarely sick children (inshaallah the same continues!).

this is for all my friends who allow their children to continuously be sick because they would rather pump them full of drugs to fight symptoms instead of giving their children what they need to have properly functioning and thriving immune systems thus avoiding sickness in the first place!

this is so i can have some recourse when all my friends tell me about their continuously sick children and maybe stop having heart palpitations when they won’t heed my proven advice. (plz forgive me for sounding snarky.  i am very frustrated.)

this is my proven advice:

Transfer Factor 

transfer factor is the molecule found in everyone’s immune system that causes it to function optimally.

it is the molecule found in mammal colostrum (first breast milk) that establishes the new born’s immune system with all the knowledge of the mother’s immune system.

it is now available in capsule form.

more details and citations and dr.’s comments

here’s some science for you

recommended uses and dosages (very bottom of page)

oh, and here’s a write up in the physicians’ desk reference

get some Transfer Factor here

maintenance dose is two capsules a day.  therapeutic dose is six capsules a day.  no overdose risk has been found.

here are some kids vitamins with transfer factor in them, too.

and look! there’s even an antioxidant juice with transfer factor in it!

transfer factor is the convenient answer.

i also try my best to subscribe to a real food, minimal toxicity lifestyle that i am continuously learning about here:

Weston A. Price Foundation

Ramiel Nagel – Cure Tooth Decay

The Mommypotamus 

Nourished Kitchen 

Body Unburdened

Thank Your Body

Weed Em And Reap 

Ageless Natural Beauty by Sally Freeman

Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau

is this sufficient? plz  let me know if there’s more you’re wondering about.

now i’d love to say to never tell me about your sick kids again…. but that would not be keeping with my philosophy of positivity..

i think this may be my spiritual practice — to send good vibes when i’d really just like to be a dick to everyone.

heart, be still.  i will try my hardest.

i promise.


Love Yooooooooooooou.

p.s. this is me NOT being a dick btw.

thanks, friends!

p.p.s. the transfer factor product links are to my mom’s distributor site.  she will earn a commission on any sales made.  the links to books are my amazon affiliate links.


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